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Don’t travel too heavily laden through life.

Brother Leo, his companion, once asked St. Francis how to find perfect joy.
This was his answer.

It is not in achieving holiness or learning, said the Saint.  Nor is perfect joy to be found in doing miracles or winning converts to Our Lord, though the two of them had seen some wonderful answers to prayer and conversions.

No, said Francis to Leo, imagine that we reach Assisi tonight drenched with rain, numb with cold, covered with mud and exhausted by hunger - and that the porter will not let us in.

'You’re lying!  You’re a couple of rascals - be off with you!' he shouts, refusing to open the gate.

There we are standing outside in the snow and rain, hungry and frozen.

If we put up with such abuse and ill-treatment patiently and calmly, without complaining, thinking with humility and charity that this porter recognizes us for what we are, and that God moved him to treat us like this - then, Brother Leo, we would have perfect joy!

The moral …